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Authentic Cucina Italiana Classes

Let's celebrate together the Cuisine of the Sun. Italy is the land of incomparably delicious food, full of flavor and history. Fresh seasonal ingredients—traditional grains, artisanal olive oils, fresh seafood, lean meats, wines—are the basis for this cuisine bursting with color and aroma. Nothing is healthier than this perfect example of the Mediterranean diet, high in antioxidant-rich foods and whole grains. 
We will learn easy-to-prepare, authentic Italian recipes like those prepared in Milan, Florence and Rome. Do you have a craving for delicious antipasti, those small dishes of Italy so handy when you have company? Or have you always wanted to learn how to improve your pasta sauce? When it comes to pasta sauce, Italian cooks are full of imagination. The combination of fresh vegetables, tomatoes of course, fish, seafood, sausages, capers, olives, pine nuts, lemon, fresh herbs, onion and garlic and a robust olive oil is magic. What about a simple Ragù Napoletano (Neapolitan meat sauce) or Rotelle con Salsiccie e Porcini (wintertime pasta with sausages and dried wild mushrooms) or Spaghetti al Pescatore Calabrese (Calabrian fisherman's spaghetti with a fresh seafood sauce)? All these recipes are so easy to prepare, do not cost a lot of money and so tasty.
Osso Bucco Milanese
With Everyday Bistro, no need to fly to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. What you need are three or four friends and a good appetite. We will prepare the menu for the class together; before our class I will shop for ingredients and bring everything we need. We will cook in your kitchen (or mine if your prefer).

This is a hands-on class so be ready to work and at the end of the class to share the meals you have prepared with your friends.

Portions will be calculated generously and you will bring home what you have cooked that day. Dinner will be ready!


Simple session: 3 hours
4-Week Course (meet once a week for a 3-hour class)

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