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Answers to questions you may have about hiring a personal chef...

Will I have to provide the cooking equipment?

Generally, no. We bring our own cookware and cooking gadgets. However, there may be special cases where it is easier to use an item you already have on hand, like a food processor for example. 

Do you need to cook the food in my kitchen?

Yes, Massachusetts state law permits a personal chef to prepare food only at the client’s home.

Do I have to be home for the service?

No. If you choose not to be home, we will make arrangements at the initial food consultation so that we may gain access into your home. You can choose to be home if you like but please be aware that we prefer to have minimal interruptions to ensure that all of the meals are prepared in a safe and timely fashion. If you would like to meet with us before or after we start cooking that day to discuss your meal preparations, we will be glad to make arrangements in advance. 

How long will it take you to cook my food?

Usually several hours, depending on the service plan you choose.

Are the majority of the meals frozen?

It depends on the plan or service you decide on. If we prepare 20 meals and there are 4 people eating, we can leave 2 entrées in the refrigerator for the evening and the next day dinner, and the remaining dishes will be placed in the freezer.

How much freezer and refrigerator space do I need for storage?

Depending on the service plan you choose, we will need a minimum of half a shelf of freezer and refrigerator space each. For single clients, we will require more freezer space since there will be a larger number of individuals portions to store.

How do I heat the food?

Complete heating instructions will be left each time we come to prepare meals for you. Every entrée stored in your freezer should be defrosted overnight in your refrigerator.

Can I use my containers?

In order to store your food safely and as efficiently as possible, we prefer to select appropriate glass containers to store your food.  

How and when do I pay for the service?

Payment for the first service fee (grocery costs are extra) will be due during the initial food consultation. Payments thereafter will be due on the day of the scheduled cooking session.

What does the service fee include?

The service fee covers menu planning, grocery shopping, complete meal preparation (entrées and side dishes), food cooling and storage, kitchen clean-up and easy heat-and-serve instructions. Groceries are charged separately.

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