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Welcome to Everyday Bistro!

Everyday Bistro specializes in creating nutritious meals, cooked in your kitchen—using the finest and freshest ingredients available. Mediterranean cooking is the centerpiece of meals prepared for you, or with you, should you prefer to take cooking classes from your chef and gourmet teacher, French native Danielle Schertzer.

Everyday Bistro provides the convenience of eating in, while dining on food that rivals the best restaurant experience in Boston. Danielle strives to help you eat well, cook nutritiously, with the overarching of living a healthier life. She can accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

Danielle invites you to discover new, healthy, tasty foods, learn how to prepare them, and where to shop at the best local farms, fishmongers and butchers without compromising on quality.

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Everyday Bistro
Personal Chef • Food Consultant
 Arlington · Massachusetts