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The rate is comparable to what you may spend eating out in a nice restaurant, considering driving costs, time, and tips. The rate is also comparable to what you might spend on planning your menu, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning-up including time and effort to prepare the same level of quality. And unlike restaurant dining, you will enjoy customized meals to your specific taste and needs, at your convenience and in the comfort of your home.  

Regular service may be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, or according to your needs.

The fee includes menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging the food with instructions for heating, and cleaning up. Groceries costs are charged separately.

Each meal consists of a main entrée, a fresh vegetable and starch (rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grains, polenta, risotto, etc).

For some menu ideas, please go to the Sample Menus link.

French desserts are available at an additional cost.


             Family of Four
      3 entrées (12 meals)    $ 200 
      4 entrées (16 meals)    $ 260 
      5 entrées (20 meals)    $ 320 

              Family of Three  
      3 entrées (9 meals)      $ 180 
      4 entrées (12 meals)    $ 235 
      5 entrées (15 meals)    $ 285 

               Family of Two  
      3 entrées (6 meals)      $ 140 
      4 entrées (8 meals)      $ 180 
      5 entrées (10 meals)    $ 220

Cooking Classes:
French "Home-Style Cooking" or Authentic Cucina Italiana Classes

$50 per person for a 3-hour class with a minimum of 5 people.
Groceries costs not included.
10% discount offered for classes purchased in a set of 4.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates start at $250. Please contact us for more information.


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Personal Chef • Food Consultant
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