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Sample Menus

The following is only a sampling of what Everyday Bistro can prepare for you. Note that we are constantly adding new items to our menu.

After your initial consultation, we will design menus according to your specific tastes or restrictions. 

Special dietary needs such as low-fat, low-cholesterol, gluten-free and food allergies can easily be accommodated.



Provençal beef stew
Flank steak with zucchini parpadelle
Beef tenderloin with shallot-pomegranate reduction
Bistro beef tenderloin (with herbs-Dijon mustard crust)
Steak au poivre
Red wine braised brisket
Cider pot roast
Bolognese ragu


Braised Mediterranean chicken
Thyme roasted chicken
Chicken bouillabaisse
Caribbean lemon chicken
Lemon chicken with croûtons
Chicken with olives Provençal-style
Chicken breasts marinated with lemon, sage and aged balsamic
Chicken chasseur (with mushrooms, tomatoes and white wine)
Chicken cacciatore
Chicken sauté with leek sauce
Chicken stew with spinach, potatoes and porcini mushrooms
Glazed balsamic-orange chicken
Roast squab with broccoli rabe, butternut squash and porcini
Turkey cutlets with dried cherries, rosemary and Port wine sauce
Turkey meatballs with homemade tomato sauce
Stuffed peppers, zucchini and tomatoes with turkey and herbs


Pork tenderloin with Dijon mustard sauce
Pork chops with apples and thyme
Pork stew with summer vegetables
Pork scallopine with mushrooms
Pork chops with zesty tomato sauce
Roasted loin of pork stuffed with figs and olives
Pork roast Florentine-style
Pork roast with glazed carrots and parsnips
Pork roast with rosemary and black mission fig sauce

Lamb and Veal

Lamb shanks with oranges
Lamb with red peppers and Rioja wine
Lamb and white beans stew
Lamb chops Provençal-style
Moroccan lamb meatballs with couscous
Moroccan lamb tagine with preserved lemons
Lamb ragu with tagliatelle and green olives
Stuffed lamb shoulder with spinach and red wine sauce
Osso bucco (veal shanks with white wine and rosemary)
Veal chops with rosemary and balsamic sauce

Fish and Shellfish

Cod in tarragon-tomato sauce
Roast cod with leeks, tomatoes and spinach
Cod Plaki (with tomatoes, garlic and mint)
Sear-roasted salmon fillet with lemon-ginger butter
Salmon in parchment with watercress
Salmon with cider sauce
Salmon with creamy green peppercorns sauce
Mediterranean baked fish with saffron
Pan-fried red mullet with basil and citrus
Sole with capers and lemon butter
Slow-cooked tuna steaks with tomato relish
Tuna with spicy cilantro sauce
Creole red snapper
Shrimps with garlic-parsley-vermouth sauce
Saucy gingered shrimps with zucchini and red peppers
Seared scallops with ginger sauce
Scallops Provençal

Entrée Soups

Old-fashioned chicken soup with noodles
Moroccan chicken soup
Turkey meatballs and pasta in homemade broth with escarole
Beef barley soup
Scotch broth (lamb stew with barley and vegetable)
Provençal vegetable soup with pesto and pasta
Vietnamese pho (with beef or chicken)
Beef goulash soup
Hlehem (Tunisian vegetable and bean soup)
Mediterranean fish stew (with shrimps, cod, scallops and chickpeas)

Side dishes

Green beans with roasted grape tomatoes and rosemary
Pan-roasted zucchini with cilantro-mint gremolata
Sautéed spinach with garlic, ginger and sesame oil
Braised celery and carrots
Carrots osso bucco
Broccoli Sicilian-style
Sautéed broccoli rabe with garlic
Provençal vegetable tian (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes)
Ratatouille crumble
Summer Provençal potato gratin
Marinated mushrooms (white wine, garlic, lemon and saffron)
Spanish potatoes
Bulgur wheat pilaf with red peppers
Lemon risotto
Pumpkin orzo




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